Minimal computing

For those of you who heard me talk about minimal computing on Thursday, you may remember I mentioned a platform named Jekyll. I would be happy to show you how it works and how to set one up and start publishing static sites on the internet for free. It’s really simple. If you were not able to make it on Thursday, don’t worry. We talked about the benefits of using minimal approaches for many of our projects, including dynamically generated static sites. The static sites in particular have the enormous advantage of being faster to access regardless of bandwidth. If there is enough interest I can get everyone set up.

Another option we can talk about is the markdown-pandoc process for writing papers. I also encouraged people to use simple text editors as an alternative to Microsoft Word for some projects. I would be happy to show you the method I talked about that helps you generate well designed html-docx-pdf from the same document.

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About Alex Gil

Alex Gil formally works on otr-American literatures and culture, digital humanities and critical theory. His in-progress dissertation revolves around the early work of Aimé Césaire and modernist Caribbean theatre.