Digital humanities and professional territoriality: a cross-competencies framework

DH projects are situated at the cross roads of multiple disciplines that need share a common framework to produce inter-operable digital material. Producing DH resources is in fact an interdisciplinary task that implies convergence of multiples skills and competencies that no one can any longer pretend to perform alone. Through collaboration, DH resources and corpora are more likely to be better structured and well formed. However, in such a multidisciplinary configuration, core questions about competency and territoriality are posed: who is who? who does what and at which extent? How one does what and with which tools? etc. A set of such questions lead to further interrogations related to curricula, professional skills and competencies, data convergence, system interoperability, budgeting and research project management.

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About Mokhtar BEN HENDA

Associate professor of ICT, Bordeaux Montaigne university, France.